Monday, December 17, 2018

What is special about your hometown

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  1. Kia Ora Helam,

    Wow, your Google Slides presentation is great! It’s filled with facts about Kaikohe as well as what you enjoy about it. I had no idea about why Kaikohe was called that and I live just down the road in Okaihau. I know that my town name means Feast of the Winds and that makes sense because our town is on the ridge so it gets very windy! I didn’t realise the population of Kaikohe is so big either, Okaihau only has about 700 people, so the population of Kaikohe seems massive compared to Okaihau.

    It is great that you have used a few photos in your google slides, but you haven’t said where you got your photos from. It is important to try and attribute image (which means the author or website who published the image gets some recognition for what they have created). You can read more about attributing images on the link below :)

    Keep up the great mahi!

    Blog ya later,