Thursday, November 2, 2017

Music can make you fat


I am learning to write simple,compound and complex sentences

the sentences that I am good at is simple and compound and I need to learn is complex

Music can make you fat
I think that sports is more important than music because music can’t help you get fit and it can’t help you get healthy do you agree or disagree “well i agree that sports is important”?

My first reason is that sports can make us healthy when you want to get fit music won’t do the trick. You have to get up and do that you will get healthy if you trany. For example we want to play sports but we can’t because we are not healthy. So if you want to play sports well you need to get fit and healthy.

My second reason is that sometimes we want to sit down to hear music some of us we like to sit down. To hear music but that does not help as to get healthy. We need to exercise so we can get faster and stronger. We also need a balance diet so we can be healthy to. For an example we need to eat right.

My last reason is that we can make more friends in sports you can meet new friends some can be in your team. Same are not in your  team but they are still your friend. See that is why sports is so important.  Because it will make you new friends in different places. For an example sports will make as new friends.

In summary I think that sports is important because it will make as healthy and we will meet new friends.

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