Monday, August 7, 2017

going into jump

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language 

I need to keep about learning on Descriptive language and full stops. 
                                                       JUMP WORLD
In the holidays we went to Kerikeri we went to kerikeri because we went to jump. When we got inside. My eyes sparkled with joy but We had to pay for 5 min to get in we went on the trampoline first. We were jumping up and down. Then my brother threw the ball \At me. Then dad took a video of Jonas throwing the ball at my sister. We stayed in their for a long time and we saw more people coming in. So we all had a big game of tag. But first we had to get into groups. it was girls vs boys
                                             playing tag with more people

So we started the game. Hours later we kept on playing we jumped up and down. We all went around the girls and they tag most of the boys. But not me or Jonas so we kept on running. Until they could get as so we kept on running. Then I started to stop I stop because I ran out of brief but I had to kept on running. We jump side to side so we could out run the girls. When we went on the right side and they got mad so they went to get the  ball and they started throwing it at as.

                                                               Going home
After that we had to go home the boys won the game of tag when we got out of jump. I thought that i wish that we can go in. there again when we got in the car we got out of the parking lot and we had to get out of. Kerikeri when we were on the . Road happiness was bubbling up inside me because this was the best day of my Life then we were at at last i said to mum. I will never forget when my brother throw the ball at my sister and when we played           

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