Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The day we play Mine craft

WALT use variety of sentences types simple, compound,

I think that I am just starting how to do a simple and compound sentences

“Die die” I was saying to my brother “Never” he said back to me “I am going to beat you” I said “No you're not” he said . My mum came in and said “Bed time boys” “five more minutes mum please” she replied “fine” It was Saturday night and me and my brother were playing Mine craft. It was so much fun we were always fighting on who was the best at playing Mine craft. My brother was like do you want a fight and I said yes.

Then. the games begin first we had to make a house.We were only able to use two objects my brother
used sand and wood after that it was my turn to used the same objects I used sand and wood.
We both looked at each of our houses and I won and my brother said,  “you win OK it is my turn now to make something”  The first one to make a car get’s a block of chocolate and we both put in five dollars. We had to use the same object. Two hours later me and my brother stopped . We stopped because

mum came in and said it is bedtime. We ran into bed but my brother kept on playing . and it was not fear he was not aloud to play Mine craft
Again he won. I felt bad that he won but next time I will win. I will have a good time. So we had a nether game of Mine craft . We fate asleep on the game and we wake up.
Because mum waked us up.  We had another game of Mine craft and we had to make a school. and it took the both of us to make it.

and we finish. It took us  like five hours we had. A look at it and lots of people came and looked at it.

They left comments so we reply to them and more people came . When mum came in and she was like it is

dinner time get off that game for dinner. we had nachos for dinner  came and have dinner. I said to Jonas came and have dinner but Jonas did not have dinner so he starved . after dinner we got back onto  the game so we got back on the game should we build a car yes ok we have to use the same

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